In partnership with progress
In partnership with progress

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Seeking to serve our clients in the best possible way, we have always treated their business goals as ours. That is why improvement of know-how regarding maximization of our clients’ profit is a natural part of our everyday business. As mutual understanding and partnership with clients are values BALTISA highly appreciates, we are presenting our key insights on the ways to achieve the highest profit from a broiler farm in the Russian market.

All the insights in question are justified by basically two factors lying at the very core of the overall profit of every farm: a volume of meat produced and a profit margin / kg of meat produced. It is always the correct balance between the two that guarantees the maximum profit for every farm.

More on our approach on profiting, please see DOs and DONT’s.

To maximize a profit of a broiler farm, we highly recommend to primarily consider and focus on:
Overall performance of a farm.
The production unit is a barn / shed and not a bird itself, therefore the profit must always be measured on an overall farm level;
Optimum utilization of space.
Maximum profits can be achieved when the assets of a farm (farmhouses, machinery, etc.) are used most efficiently. It is, therefore, essential that every m2 in the farmhouse is working to achieve the maximum output available;
Technology of a farm.
It is quite obvious that profit maximization at a farm strongly depends on its technological base. A level of the base is usually confirmed by management guides. The guides, however, are not designed to provide a framework for maximizing profits at the farm;
Highest permitted stocking density.
Any decrease in top quality volumes produced at a farm will have to be compensated by a profit margin / kg of meat produced. Needless to say, this is often impossible to achieve. Therefore, the primary aim of a farm is to ensure the maximum permitted stocking density, which guarantees the maximum output of poultry meat in the farm, with no effects on the quality of the products produced. Highest permitted stocking density means maximum kg of LW / m2 produced at slaughter time. This maximum level will vary depending on farm technological base, target LW and local legislation;
Balance between maximization of production volumes and profit margin / kg.
Ultimately, it is the correct balance between volumes of top quality meat produced and the profit margin per kg produced that will generate maximum profits. Therefore, there is no better indicator of farm profitability as the balance in question signaling the highest overall profit / m2;
To maximize the overall financial performance of a broiler farm, we highly recommend not to overfocus on:
Technical efficiency of an individual bird.
The production unit is a barn / shed and not a bird itself. Measuring profitability solely on a technical efficiency of an individual bird can even result in reduced profit, as it may require substantial inputs (feed, etc.) without a reference to cost and volume of the output (meat produced). Focus on overall performance of a farm should therefore always be considered as the primary goal.
Production cost.
Minimization of the cost not necessarily guarantees maximum profit, inasmuch as production volumes (output / m2) are left unconsidered;
Increase of profit margin / kg. (Breast meat).
Decrease of production volumes may be compensated by increase of a profit margin / kg of meat produced, but only in the markets which pay for breast meat at least 3 times more than for carcass. However, this is not the case in the Russian market. Therefore, the good practice of other countries cannot be implemented straightforwardly. The aim of a farm management should always be to find the correct balance between volumes produced and a profit margin / kg, so that the overall profit of the farm is not affected negatively.

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More on the core product of ours, please see HUBBARD F15.