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In partnership with progress

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Parent stock package of maximum efficiency

For those willing to maximize their poultry farm profit, it would be merely impossible to find a better solution than the HUBBARD F15 in Russia. 

Developed to feature the unique characteristics of minimum feed consumption and greater stocking density, our parent stock package is capable to boost production volumes with less resources.

Compared to standard breeders, the HUBBARD F15 breeders save up to 15 % of feed to produce a day old chick. Moreover, our parent stock females can be placed at a density 20 - 25 % higher than that of regular ones, thus increasing the production of day old chicks by 20 – 25 % using the same production area. More on profiting with the HUBBARD F15, please see Profit formula.

It is no question the concept of Less Feed, More Meat embodied in the HUBBARD F15 by HUBBARD SAS helps to maximize the overall financial performance of any farm. It is also in line with the vision of feeding the world in a more environment friendly and sustainable way.

Excellent performance on all production levels
Number of advantages of the HUBBARD F15 can be pointed out on every production level.
Feed savings
Production up to 25%
Minimization of cost of genetics
Top quality meat
Parent stock

Minimization of input cost.

A possibility to produce maximum volumes at the lowest cost is a direct result of the lower feed consumption and the greater stocking density, the core characteristics of our parent stock. In numbers, the feed savings per bird amount to an average of 8 kg / hen or 60 g / chick at 64 weeks of age. 1 extra parent stock female placed in a m2, again, increases broiler production by up to 20%;

Minimization of investment.

The higher parent stocking density allows to achieve production volumes with less m2 of a farmhouse installed;

Minimization of cost of genetics.

BALTISA is the only parent stock supply company in Russia having its full production capacities based locally - in Belgorod and St. Petersburg. That is why we can allow ourselves to minimize the impact of fluctuating currency exchange rates and always offer the best price for broiler producers all over the country.


Whether raised in cages or on floor, Hubbard broiler is made to deliver outstanding individual performance specifically with the best feed conversion ratio (FCR) and the ability to stand high stocking densities, which is a result of specific selection program done by Hubbard. Best FCR gives substantial cost savings, as feed constitutes 2/3rd of the total poultry meat cost, a feature that without a doubt has to be always considered as of substantial importance for the overall financial performance of any farm.


At the processing level, the HUBBARD F15 is acknowledged for its outstanding broiler carcass quality (lower condemnations / better uniformity) as well as a solid total meat yield.

Other crosses

The HUBBARD F15 is the most relevant parent stock package for the Russian market, and its wide popularity among Russian poultry industry players obviously proves it.

Nevertheless, to guarantee the highest value added to our clients, we are always ready to offer the whole range of different market-oriented breeder packages (high breast yield, colored “gourmet” crosses, etc.) developed by HUBBARD SAS, a part of the second largest animal breeding company on the globe - GROUP GRIMAUD.



In addition to parent stock supply, BALTISA also provides its clients with extensive support services. Engagement of our local and foreign experts in your business will always be as extensive as needed to lead your management towards innovation, higher productivity, quality and, indeed, higher overall profit.