In partnership with progress
In partnership with progress
China chooses Hubbard

Hubbard continues its fast growth in Asia. After significant market share increase in India, where Saguna Foods, sixth largest broiler producer in Asia, has chosen Hubbard F15, Hubbard has also made a major leap in the Chinese market.

The n°1 supplier of broiler Parent Stock in China, Yisheng, delivering 17 Million of Parents per year, has taken the strategic decision to switch from its previous genetic supplier to HUBBARD. This exclusive partnership was achieved after a careful evaluation of performance of Hubbard parent stock and broilers and is also a testament to the high level of expertise and services that Hubbard supplies to its customers.

Rapid development of Hubbard sales worldwide is the result of its wide product range, which enables to offer the most suitable breed for each market. Hubbard’s focus on “less feed more meat” approach, which embraces the philosophy on how to feed the world in the decades to follow in a sustainable way, and constant innovation in the selection program (The new “Genetech” program), is setting the conditions for constant increase in the competitive advantage of Hubbard products.

Baltisa congratulates its strategic partner and colleagues in China with the beginning of another big project in Asia.