In partnership with progress
In partnership with progress
2016 production results of Hubbard F15 raised in cages

Analysis of the results of broiler production, provided by farms working with cage equipment, shows the ability of Hubbard F15 to withstand high densities at various production techniques (with or without thinning, with slower growth or without exceeding the safe density at slaughter).

The amount of LW/m2 of the production area is ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20% higher than that in floor management, and the average daily gain is also higher.

Experts note that the Hubbard F15 is much more stable than their competitors, and due to this fact they are able to reach liveability rate within the standard limits, even when exceeding 57 kg LW/m2 at slaughter.

For more information on production results please see table 1