In partnership with progress
In partnership with progress


Having a history of almost 100 years, today HUBBARD is among the top 3 broiler breeding companies in the world.

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The worldwide acknowledgement has been gained through nothing else, but its unique product features developed by non-stop researches in two large parallel breeding centers on both sides of the Atlantic - in France and the U.S.  

HUBBARD is a proud part of GROUP GRIMAUD, which is the second largest animal breeding company on the globe. The GRIMAUD’s philosophy on how to feed the world in more sustainable way is directly reflected also in the concept of Less Feed, More Meat developed by HUBBARD.

The concept of Less Feed, More Meat is where the special focus on feed efficiency and a total meat output in the HUBBARD’s genetic selection program comes from. It is also the reason why different grandparent and parent stock packages offered by the company are so effective in maximizing a broiler farm’s profit all around the globe.

In addition to the HUBBARD F15, the most distributed breeder package in Russia, HUBBARD offers the whole range of parent stock packages oriented to different markets (high breast yield, colored “gourmet” crosses, etc.). Whatever HUBBARD offers to the world, we will always offer the same to our clients here in Russia.

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