In partnership with progress
In partnership with progress


BALTISA is a company offering a balanced technology for broiler production focused on the maximization of meat production with less resources, thus following the philosophy of feeding the world in a sustainable way. 

For more than 20 years now, we have been exclusively distributing HUBBARD products all over the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. More on HUBBARD, please see HUBBARD.

Although the whole range of HUBBARD products are always available upon request, the core product we distribute is the HUBBARD F15. The product is a parent stock package developed to feature unique characteristics of minimum feed consumption and greater stocking density. The Hubbard F15 is therefore the best solution for every farm seeking the best financial success at the lowest cost in the Russian poultry market. More on our approach to profiting in Russian poultry market as well as on our core product, please see Profit formula and HUBBARD F15.


Focus on distribution of HUBBARD F15 has made BALTISA the No. 1 distributor of broiler parent stock in Russia. This is supported by real figures:

PRIOSKOLJE, the largest broiler producer in Russia and among the top producers in the world, uses only the HUBBARD F15;

he HUBBARD F15 constitutes 80 % of the parent stock supplies to Chelyabinsk, the second largest region in poultry production in Russia;

80 % of our parent stock packages supplied to clients in Russia produce more than 1000 hatching eggs / m2 / year;

on the broiler level, our clients in Russia produce up to 500 kg live weight / m2 / year in cages; and up to 400 kg live weight / m2 / year on the floor.

It is not only the product we distribute that perfectly fits your requirements, but also the price for it. BALTISA is the only parent stock supply company in Russia having its full production capacities based locally - in Belgorod and St. Petersburg. That is why we can allow ourselves to minimize the impact of fluctuating currency exchange rates and always offer the best price to the broiler producers all over Russia.

In addition to parent stock supply, BALTISA provides its clients with extensive support services. Engagement of our local and foreign experts in your business will always be as extensive as needed to lead your management towards innovation, higher productivity, quality and, of course, higher overall profit.